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Alternator Bearing | Wiring Source

Alternator Bearing

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Alternator Bearing

Alternator Bearing -
Once the system design point was selected, the bearings were designed in detail using the design curves rather than the simplified analysis. The load on the alternator bearing is much greater than that on any of the other system bearings.Turboalternator gasbearing system performance at steady state conditions.+16 16 DC voltage level • ALTERNATOR BEARINGS The rotor is supported in the alternator housing using either ball or roller bearings. The bearings are usually sealed and packed with grease. The front bearing fits into an indent in the case Test Conditions Alternator bearing rapid accelerationdeceleration test (inner ring rotation)A schematic of the rapid accelerationdeceleration test rig is shown in Fig.8. The 6303 test bearings

were.rotated at a maximum speed of 300s1.Page 84 KTA TaperedFlat Thrust Bearing Specific Load 177 versus Pad Arc 85 KTA Optimized Pivoted Pad Thrust 180 86 KTA Potassium Lubricated Turbine Bearing Seal System 183 87 KTA Potassium Lubricated Alternator BearingSeal Bearing 1 Bearing 2 Turbine Bearing 3 5.2 m Alternator Bearing 4 Coupling 14.0 m 1.0 m 1.0 m Figure 10.50. The turbine and alternator with four fluid bearings (Example 10.11.1). (vi) After convergence, the reduction transformation is used to The oil loop supplied coolant to the alternator stator heat exchangers and to the bearing support ring at each of the bearings. Coolant temperatures and the oil flow rates to the alternator, bearing heat exchangers, and support

rings.could be The load capacity and power consumption for the three KTA thrust bearings are shown on Figures 7.41 through 7.43. The alternator bearings are double acting (two thrust bearings opposing the same runner), and the performance is shown 17 and 18 show the condition of the alternator bearing and journal immediately upon disassembly and before cleaning. Fig. 17 shows small areas of erosion originating from the corners of the supply pad in the direction of rotation. In addition 4), alternator (ref. 5), and gas bearings (ref s. 2 and 3). References 2 and 3 also discuss testing done on the alternator gas bearing combination. Testing of the turboalternator at the Lewis Research Center and a preliminary evaluation of

its .

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