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Alternator Testing | Wiring Source

Alternator Testing

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Alternator Testing

Alternator Testing -
CHARGING SYSTEM OUTPUT TEST The following outlines the test of charging system output with a voltamp tester. • Start the engine. The speed of the alternator determines its output. At idle, the alternator is not capable of making maximum Troubleshooting alternators When it conies to testing an alternator and regulator, someone may ask, "Don't we have to use an adjustable carbon pile (rheostat) and ammeter?" No, you don't have to. However, you can't be absolutely certain Undercharging can also be caused by one or a combination of the following defects in the alternator field circuit: Poor contacts (Some manufacturers specify that the battery must be 95 to 100 percent charged before testing the

alternator.) The.Alternator and Regulator tests outlined require elec TEST PROCEDURE — Continued on next page, trical test equipment to measure voltage. A good quality voltmeter with an appropriate scale which can be easily read should be used.Make any required repairs before proceeding with further tests. Note. Test batteries for good condition before further testing. Test 2. Perform alternator output test Start the engine and run it at 1000 to 2000 rpm for 15 minutes, then shut it off. Alternator testing.444 Alternator testing.4 Turn the adjusting screw to set alternator belt tension. (Chrysler) Figure 126. Ground the coil secondary lead during primary circuit. Figure 1148. Test belt tension with a strand tension gauge. on

older.alternators by pressing them out of the Perform alternator voltage output test. This voltage test can be used in conjunction with 8 as the amperage output of the alternator will have an effect upon the voltage being produced. Information should be confirmed as to the manufacturer's 

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